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Marble Large Altair Empty Magnetic Palette

Marble Large Altair Empty Magnetic Palette

$ 19.95 $ 20.95


  • Organize your messy makeup drawer with the Altair Beauty large size empty magnetic mirrored palette.
  • Create your own custom palette to separate your eyeshadows, highlighters and blushes.
  • Depot your products out of their original packaging to save space.
  • Keep one on hand for your every day makeup. Purchase a 2nd palette for traveling and on the go.

    Details: 1 Mirrored Magnetic Palette + 10 metal stickers.

    Fits: 28 standard sized 26mm eyeshadow pans, 15 large 36mm pans.

    Dimensions: (approximate): Outside: 8” x 5.25"

    ***Eyeshadows NOT included. For demonstration purposes only.***



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    Get one for yourself, and another for a friend. Or one for home and another for travel! Makes great gifts!



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